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Bedtime Stories by Junchuu
by Junchuu

First off, this is a very deceptive piece that has plenty of complementary style, but has a lack of consistency. Let me explain. The li...

I'm Still Alive by Aurora-Chiaro

Another very nice work here, Chiaro. I does suffer from a few problems, but most can be overlooked. Lets get started. You captured the ...

.Oc. LadyFox Emina by Linelana

Im actually surprised you that you are looking for a critique on your work since I feel like you've accomplished everything you set out...

Commission: Blumagpie {Let Us Fly} by StarletNightwind

Alright, lemme start off by saying that this is not a bad piece, but it does have some glaring issues with it; namely the character's p...



Hagiwara Tea Garden by Muffyn-Man
Hagiwara Tea Garden
I know that I missed a month on photo uploads, but I'll double down this month. 

Hagiwara Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 
Fallen Angels by Muffyn-Man
Fallen Angels
One of the 3 pieces that I created for the local anime themed art gallery that I took part in Sept 2015. My method for making this was by plastering on various consistencies of gesso over a really old High School artpiece that I never got around to finishing. I wanted to go for an old weathered plaster look to the piece to make it feel almost primal, but it came out more as an amateur fanwork. Had to rush this one a bit to make sure that I could present it for the gallery, so this one took me about a week to create. 
I go into a lot more detail of my motivation for this piece (along with the other works I created) in a flash presentation here:…
Wishes and Sacrifices by Muffyn-Man
Wishes and Sacrifices
It's been a while since I've worked with acrylics in such a manner, but I like to think it was well worth the effort that I put into it. I had to experiment with a slow-drying medium a bit to figure out what its capable of. I was desperately attempting to pull off an Oil Color effect with the paint, but that didn't pan out too well, turns out that it still doesn't blend as well even with a slow-dry medium. though I was able to pull off some interesting layering effects that you can't really see in the photo image. 

Did this for an anime themed art gallery in my home town. I go into a lot more detail of my motivation regarding the piece in my slideshow of all the pieces that I feature in the gallery here:…
Muffyn-man portfolio by Muffyn-Man
Muffyn-man portfolio
I finally have it made. This is a slide show of the 5 art pieces that I used in an anime themed art gallery that a friend of mine came up with last month. It was the first time in a long time that I created anything in acrylic, but it was a worthwhile hardship. A couple of the pieces that I featured were ones that I created a few years ago when I was still in college. Everything else was done in the month before the gallery showing. 

I know that the photos the slideshow are a little small and low on detail, so I uploaded links to them here. In order of the pieces that I featured are:

Water Mythos-…
Memento Mori-…
The Sad Legacy of Winsor McCay-…
Fallen Angels-…
Wishes and Sacrifices-…

Credit for putting together the slideshow goes to East Beast :iconeastbeastfilms:…
The Sad Legacy of Winsor McCay by Muffyn-Man
The Sad Legacy of Winsor McCay
A passion project that I made for an Anime themed art gallery. After reading Animator's Survival Kit front-to-back, I found out about Winsor McCay and how he is singlehandedly responsible for making animation a viable medium. To anyone who is reading this, if there is an animation that you deeply regard as art or has had a profound affect on your life, then you have this man to thank for it. Sure there are animations that exist before his time, but he's the first animator to present it in a way that showed off animations incredible potential. He is the quintessencial Godfather of Animation as we know it.
I go into further detail about him and the characters surrounding him in this flash presentation:…

Tools used: Copic Multiliner, NeoPiko Sepia Pens, and Copic Sketch Markers on Vellum Paper. 
            Hey Everybody, got some exciting news to share with you all before I forget. I'll be showing art for an Anime themed art gallery in Midtown Sacramento this September on the 26th. It's going to be interesting what everyone else is showing in this gallery since I was referred by an old artist friend of mine, whom I barely keep in contact with. He reached out to me and how could I say no to that offer? How often does Anime ever get taken seriously enough to get turned into a gallery showing outside of a convention hall? Almost never! If it is, its always under the radar; ironically, much like this one.
            I'll be showing a couple of pieces that I have in my gallery from waaaaay back when I was still in college and didn't know that ponies could ever be a thing. Right now though, I'm working on a few pieces that I should blow you guys away. What I'm creating at the moment is based on my personal views on Anime as an art and an industry, and how it has changed in my eyes since I became fan of the medium when I was but a wee-little muffyn at 8 years of age. Anyway, If you can't make it out to Sacramento on Saturday, fear not. I'll be posting my new works on here, and possibly recording the event in some way to share with you all here. 
            To all who are reading this and still follow me, thank you for sticking around cause I've been dead in the water for a while until this project showed up. I've been working on animation, and trying to get a new job that can lead to a proper career for me. It really helps me to move forward with my artwork knowing that I could potentially create something that could connect with my viewers on a deeper level beyond some initial impressions. So even when I find that upgrade to my current job, I want the whole 50 or so of you to know that I will keep doing what I'm doing. Because I am, if nothing else, an artist. 
  • Listening to: Final Fantasy 9: Worlds Apart
  • Reading: Animator's Survival Kit
  • Watching: MLP is back on the air!
  • Playing: I don't play... I work
  • Eating: Healthier... Maybe?
  • Drinking: Wine, coffee and hopefully cider


Muffyn-Man's Profile Picture
Ut pictura poesis
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Need a commission that you can actually hang in your room as opposed to just stare at on a computer? Do you live in the United States? Send me a note, and let me know what I can work on for you. My repertoire is MLP and Anime/Manga, with traditional mediums, but I'm not limited to just these two genres. Im well versed in Realistic figure drawing and comic art as well. Here are my rates if you're curious:

Pen and Ink (No Background, 1 Character)- $15.00USD

Pen and Ink (Mucha Style)- $40

Copic Color (No Background, 1 Character)- $70USD

Copic and Acrylic Color (with background, up to 3 characters)- $100USD

Copic and Acrylic Color (with background, 4-5 characters)- $150USD

Also, If you commission a color piece, and live in the US, I'll ship it to you for free.

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